Born in Lisbon (May 23, 1942). Is a Portuguese artist, fine art photographer, cinematographer and director. He studied photography and film in the "University film studio", Lisbon. In 1970 began work as a photographer, filmmaker and cameraman alongside his personal work. Among the eighties and nineties taught photography ARCO Fine Arts Academy , Lisbon, Portugal. Continues to develop his personal work and exhibit regularly.


Member of S.P.A. - Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores.

Member of Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes.





2018 - Invited to XX Cerveira Biennal of art. Time, Space and Identity - Jaime Silva Curatarship.

2015 > 2016 - Invited to exhibit "RES EXTENSA, OU CORPO MÁQUINA".  Leiria. m|i|mo - museu da imagem em movimento. Curator,  Ana David Mendes.

2014 - Exhibition "INTER SOMNIA INSOMNIA". CORCLÍNICA. Lisbon. Portugal.

2012 - 25 de april, collective exhibition: “Outros Olhares sobre o Montijo”.

2010 - March - Installation "OF SPACE AND TIME" is included in the International Week of the Brain in 2010, promoted by the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine at Coimbra University and the Center for Neuroscience of Coimbra initiative by the Brain and Art.

2009 - November - "SPACE AND TIME" - Installation in the library of FCT / UNL Caparica campus, built with images taken in a MRI machine and printed on cards policarbonatoalveolar. It occupies a rectangle 11 meters by 9.5 meters, 2.40 meters tall.

2009 - April - "SPEECHES" - great Hall of the castle. Exhibition sponsored by Espaço_Corpo within the celebrations of World Day of dance, with the support of the Municipality of Castelo de Vide.

2008 - It participates in collective exhibition, "That is Me", self - portraits by contemporary artists. Carmona e Costa Foundation.

2008 - August -  Invited to ON EUROPE 1º International Biennial of Plastic Arts IX Vespeira Prize, Montijo, Portugal.

2007 - August - "in sinu matris",  XIV Cerveira biennial of Fine Art, Portugal.

2006 - August - collective exhibition, "13 Artists - Digital Art", S.N.B.A., in Lisbon, Portugal.

2006 - July - collective exhibition "Galery 57" in Leiria, Portugal.

2005 - July - Invited, with the installation "in sinu matris", audio recoding, in the VIII Edition of the Montijo Biennial of Fine Art | Vespeira Prize.

2005 - March - "Shadows", collective exhibition PhotoSapiens in Évora.

2004 - December - "In Sinu Matris", exibition and installation at the municipal gallery of Montijo.

2004 - October - HORIZONT(E) 19842004: "Twenty Years of Gallery Cómicos | Luis Serpa", comemorative exibition at  Cordoaria Nacional. With Cristina Ataíde, Txomin Badiola, Judith Barry, Daniel Blaufuks, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Mário Cabrita Gil, Pedro Calapez, Fernando Calhau, Luis Campos, Chuck Close, Hannah Collins, John Coplans, Jan Fabre, Ângela Ferreira, Hamish Fulton, Cristina Iglesias, Joseph Kosuth, António Lagarto, Eurico Lino do Vale, Gerhard Merz, JorgeMolder,Mariele Neudecker, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Lucas Samaras,Julião Sarmento, Cindy Sherman, Susanne Themlitz, Boyd Webb, Robert Wilson e Gilberto Zorio.

2004 - September - Photo-portfolio Exhibition at "Luis Serpa Gallery", Lisbon, Portugal.

2004 - July - "Shadows", collective exhibition PhotoSapiens in Bragança, Portugal.

2002 November - "50 FOTÓGRAFOS PORTUGUESES DOS ANOS 50 À ACTUALIDADE", exhibition organized by "PLMJ FOUNDATION", in "FOUNDATION OF SERRALVES", patronised by the National Committee for Portugal International Association of Plastic Arts from UNESCO and the International Secretariat in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

2002 - It participates as invited in the VII Edition of the "Montijo Fine Art Biennial" with the installation:  "Dolphins in Montijo", Portugal. 

2001 - "Look About Montijo" - 4 contemporary photographers. "Dolphins in Montijo". Color photograph 214x171 cm, audio recording. Montijo Council, Portugal.

2000 - "O ENTARDECER EM ALFAMA" (Dusk in Alfama), Women's portraits in Lisbon, Portugal.

2000 - "A.R.C.O. 2000", "Novo-Século Gallery" at Fair in Madrid, Spain.

1999 - "FAC 99", "Novo-Século Gallery", in Lisbon, Portugal.

1999 - November - "Speeches", "Novo-Século Gallery", Lisbon, Portugal.

1999 - November - "Speeches", in Leiria, Portugal.

1999 - June - "Trem - Arco, Gallery" Faro, Portugal.

1998 - "Expo 98": 30 large portraits of average life women were placed around the walls of the Territory Pavillion at Lisbon, Portugal.

1997 - "Contacto",  "1839 Gallery" at Belem Cultural Center. Project sponsored by Portuguese Photography Center, Lisbon, Portugal.

1995 - Invited by Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores to collective exhibition at SNBA, in Lisbon.

1995 - Invited by João Garção and Nuno Carinhas to exhibit “Discursos” at the store-gallery Fictions in the neighborhood of Graça, in Lisbon.

1994 - "Lisbon 94": The European Capital of Culture, 4 giant photographs with 10x8 meters were placed on the front of 4 buildings. The print method was by ink jet printing.

1991 - "Europalia 91" in Brussels, Belgium. Portraits of writers José Saramago and David Mourão Ferreira.

1989 - "The Spirit Alfa", invited by a major advertising agency, Lisbon, Portugal.

1988 - "Portugal and the Environment", Forum Picoas, Lisbon, Portugal.

1988 - "A.R.C.O. 88", Madrid, Spain, portraits of Jose Maria Sicilia, Miquel Barceló,  Piet de Jonge, Cristina Iglesias,

 Joel Fischer, Boyd Webb, Michael Biberstein, Juan Muñoz e Joseph Kossuth, "Comicos Gallery"  directed by Luis Serpa.

1987 - "Trends of Architecture Portuguese" by Álvaro Siza, Hestnes Ferreira, Luíz Cunha, Manuel Vicente, Tomás Taveira. An itinerant exhibition produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Secretary of Cultural  Affairs.

1987 - Portraits, "Meetings of Photography" in Coimbra, Portugal.

1987 - Portraits, "Meetings of the Image" in Braga, Portugal.

1986 - "Cuarto Escuro" - Kiosco Alfonso in La Corunha - Galiza, Spain. Collective exhibition, Curator António Cerveira Pinto.

1986 - "A Idade da Prata", Comicos Gallery, directed by Luis Serpa, Lisbon, Portugal.

!984 - Beginning of the project "A Idade Da Prata”, which extends throughout this year until the end of 1985.

1983 - Photograph for João Cutileiro in atelier, Lagos – 45 CUTOUTS IN MARBLE – for catalogue of the Cultural Center of São Lourenço. Profusely illustrated (interior and cover).

1981 - Photographs of João  Cutileiro sculptures, exhibition in I.C.E.P., New York, USA.

1981 - Photographs of João  Cutileiro sculptures, Cultural Center of São Lourenço, Almancil, Algarve, Portugal.




Between 1972 and 2000, along with the work in the field of fine arts and strictly personal photography, developed advertising work commissioned by national and foreign companies directly or through large national and multinational advertising agencies. 





2015 -  Catalogue of  Vitor Ribeiro exhibition: "LUX - A brincar com o fogo", Galeria de São Mamede.

2008 - Catalogue ON EUROPE 1º International Biennial of Plastic Arts IX Vespeira Prize.

2007 - Catalogue of "XIV Cerveira Biennial of Fine Art", "IN SINU MATRIS", "Novas Simbologias".

2006 - Catalogue of exhibition:  "13 Artistas - Arte Digital", colective exhibition, S.N.B.A..

2005 - Catalogue of exhibition of the VIII Edition of the "Montijo Biennial of Fine Art", Vespeira Prize.

2004 - Catalogue: "Twenty years "Comicos | Luis Serpa, Gallery 1984-2004".

2004 - "IN SINU MATRIS" - Installation and Photography exibition, catalogue Edited by Montijo Council.

2002 - "50 FOTÓGRAFOS PORTUGUESES DOS ANOS 50 À ACTUALIDADE", catalog of exhibition organized by Fundação PLMJ, in FUNDAÇÃO DE SERRALVES, patronised by Comité Nacional para Portugal da Associação International das Artes Plásticas from UNESCO and Secretariado Internacional in Sede da UNESCO in Paris.

2002 - Catálogo of the VII Edition of the "Montijo Biennial of Fine Art".

2001 - " Um Olhar Sobre o Montijo" - 4 contemporary photographers. "Dolphins" in Montijo. 

Catalogue edited by Montijo Council.

2000 - "O Entardecer em Alfama", portraits of women, edited by City council of Lisbon.

2000 - "A.R.C.O. 2000" - Catalogue, "Novo-Século Gallery".

1999 - "Discursos", edited by City council of Leiria / Images Museum, commissariat, Ana David.

1992 - Maria Gabriel: paintings, works inspired by the reading of the "Tragic-Maritime History".

1991 - "A Imagem das Palavras", featuring José Saramago e David Mourão Ferreira, edited by "Contexto", made for Europalia 91.

1988 - As imagens da escrita - João Vieira. Work published between January and February in the exhibition reflected in Sala dos Passos Perdidos of the National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon. 

1988 - Bocados - Morceaux. Cómicos Gallery. Work published at the exhibition reflected in Cómicos Gallery, Lisbon in January 1988.

1987 - "Têndencias da Arquitectura Portuguesa" - Featuring Álvaro Siza, Hestnes Ferreira, Luiz Cunha, Manuel Vicente, Tomás Taveira.

1986 - "A Idade da Prata" edited by Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda.

1986 - "Cuarto Escuro" - edited by Kiosco Alfonso in La Corunha - Galiza, Spain.

1985 - Jose de Carvalho, Cristina Iglesias, Leonel Moura, Pedro Proença, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Ana Isabel Rodrigues, Work published on the occasion of the participation of Cómicos-Area Inter-Media in the Art Fair Contemporary in Madrid - ARCO'85 - contains biographical data of the artists represented.

1984 - Ana Isabel: Survivors. Work published on the occasion of the exhibition and patent in Gallery Cómicos, Lisbon, March 14 to April 7, 1984.

1983 - João Cutileiro – 45 CUTOUTS IN MARBLE – St. Lawrence, Cultural Center of St. Lawrence, 1983. In-8; of 78 pp. Inumeradas. Profusely illustrated with photo-spellings of Mário Goata Gil (interior and cover)!981 - João Cutileiro, published by Casa De Mateus. 

1980 - João Cutileiro : Skulpturen und Mosaike.  Dortmund-Kirchhörde: Unikat Galerie.

1979 - João Cutileiro: sculptures and mosaics. Work published at the patent exhibition at the Museum of Evora Sept.-Oct. de 1979; exhibition organised with the contributor of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.





Museum of the City - Lisbon, Portugal.

PLMJ Fundation - Lisbon, Portugal.

City Hall of Montijo, Portugal.

m|i|mo - Leiria, Portugal.

Manuel Baptista Collection, Portugal.

Foundation José Saramago, Portugal.

Safira and Luís Serpa Collection, Portugal.

Corclinica Collection, Portugal.

FCT/UNL library at Caparica campus, Portugal

Private collections in Portugal and abroad. 



1999 - Director of photography of “Paroles”, directed by Ricardo Costa.

1990 - Finishing of the film of João Brehm, “Transparências em Prata”, started in 1982, equally as director of photography. 

1987 - Film for the RTP, “O Mistério do Armário”, directed  by João Brehm. 

1982 - Beginning of João the Brehm film, “Transparências em Prata”, equally as director of photography. 

1982 - Director of photography of the João Brehm film, production of the Televisions Swedish and Portuguese, based in the work of   the Professor Lima de Faria, make on fusing between animal and vegetal cells. 

1982 - Direct and produces a set of ten advertising films. 

1979 - Collaborate in "Experiências", by Manuel Carvalheira.

1979/81 - Director of photography of 2 films of Noémia Delgado, for the RTP, “Contos Fantásticos Portugueses"

1978/79 - Director of photography of  "Crianças em Luta", TV series, directed by João Brehm, shown in the R.T.P.. 

1978 - Camera operator and director of photography in the film of Rui Simões, “Bom Povo Português”.

1977 - Collaborate in "Carta de aniversário", directed by Luís Couto.

1977 - Director of photography of the film of Sérgio Ferreira, “O Prisioneiro”

1977 - Director of photography in the film "25 Canções de Abril", collective work.

1977 - Director of “O Jardim dos Esquecidos”, shown in the R.T.P. in 1978, in the program “TV Forum”, and in the Festival of Leipzig in 1978, Germany .

1977 - Director of photography of the film of Luis Couto, “Madrugada”

1973/75 - Producer and director of advertising films. 

1970/73 - Camera operator and director of photography of advertising films. 

1968 - It was initiated in the cinema as camera operator assistant.


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